TEEZ Training

Theological Education by Extension in Zambia impacts communities and provides contextual theological training to Christians around Zambia by equipping men and women to serve as TEEZ Tutors.  TEEZ Tutors are not teachers.  Rather, they are trained to facilitate group discussion and aid individuals as they learn about the Bible, theology, and practical ministry skills. 

To that end, TEEZ spends nearly two weeks of every month traveling to cities, towns, and villages around Zambia to conduct “Tutor Trainings.”  These trainings provide local Christians with the hermeneutical and epistemological skills necessary to read and discuss the Bible and a pre-prepared TEEZ course.  This training is conducted by three TEEZ staff members, and coordinated by local TEEZ volunteers.  Upon the completion of the training, students would have learned how to learn and how to teach others to learn, which liberates them to fresh implementations of the gospel truth in their communities.

TEEZ currently offers a scholar-written, tutor-led, curriculum of five basic courses in Preaching, Teaching, Counseling, Worship, and Leading Church Meetings and six advanced courses in Old Testament, Worship and the Psalms, the Synoptic Gospels, Letters and Life of Paul, Christian Doctrine, and African Indigenous Christian Counseling. 

To facilitate a TEEZ Course, one must be trained.  To locate a training near you, please see the TEEZ Training Calendar.

If you would like to request a TEEZ Tutor Training or AICC Training, please contact us via the details on the Contact Us page.