TEEZ Course Overview

TEEZ Basic Courses

TEEZ Basic Courses include Preaching,  Counselling,  Teaching, Worship, Church Administration and Biblical Doctrine.

Basic Courses consist of 24 weekly lessons facilitated by a trained TEEZ Tutor using 4 workbooks produced by Zambian theologians and pastors, specifically for Theological Education by Extension in Zambia.  Each week the lesson is divided into two parts: Part A focuses on theological and practical aspects of the course topic, while Part B is a Bible study designed to enhance students’ understanding of both specific passages and the overarching narrative of Scripture.  This bifocal approach allows us to simultaneously learn both methodology for ministry and the content of the gospel.  Thus the two parts marry the vital questions of HOW? and WHY?.

All TEEZ Courses are by Extension, meaning that the Study Groups meet in the local setting.  Thus all TEEZ Courses are immediately contextualized, since they are instigated, completed, and applied in the same context.  In concert with local church clergy, TEEZ Tutors decide which training is most immediately needed in that particular congregation or community.  Since local parishioners and pastors know the needs of particular congregations, they can wisely offer ministry training which corresponds to the opportunities and gifts present in their community.

All Basic Course materials are currently available in either English or Bemba, but literacy is not a requirement for participation.  TEEZ Courses require only one literate student to transmit the course materials to the rest of the students.

A Basic Certificate in Church Ministries (BCCM) is awarded on the successful completion of all five subjects.

TEEZ Advanced Courses

TEEZ Advanced Courses include Old Testament Introduction; Worship and the Psalms; Biblical Doctrine; The Synoptic Gospels and Acts; Letters and Life of Paul; Church Administration  and African Indigenous Christian Counselling

 Upon completing all of the Basic TEEZ Courses, students may advance to further studies of the Bible and Ministry skills.  These courses are designed for students with stronger educational backgrounds and usually require students to read and write in English.  While TEEZ is not an accredited theological college, these courses cover much of the material constituting a diploma in theology.

These courses hope to develop in students a deeper love for God’s Word and the tools necessary to study and apply God’s Word effectively.

New Programs and Courses

TEEZ has in the recent past introduced other programs for effective trainings. One of the new training program is the Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) which is a partnership between TEEZ and Timothy Leadership Training Institute, a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

These programs are tailored in a more practical way in the sense that students do not sit for exams. The accreditation to students is based on a 4-5 days training in a particular Module and later on going into the field to implement a 4-6 months action plan and reporting back before proceeding to the next course.

Some of the Modules under the Timothy Leadership Training program are:

Module 1      Caring for God's People

Module 2      Christian Stewardship

Module 3      From Harm to Harmony-Addressing Violence in the Families

Module 4      Biblical Preaching

Module 5     Praising God through Work and Worship

Module 6    Teaching the Christian Faith

Module 7     God's Plan for Sustainable Development

After completing Module 1-3, a student is certified as a Basic Trainer while those who complete all the 7 modules qualify to be certified as Advanced Trainers.

The training has proven to be very effective and has led to many Churches experiencing growth who are using the materials in their Churches and Communities.