Mission, Vision and Core Values of TEEZ

Our Vision:

To prepare all God’s people for works of Christian service.

Our Mission:

TEEZ exists to equip Christians with relevant theological and social development tools and knowledge through non-residential theological and community development training for effective participation and service  for a vibrant and healthy Church and the world.

Our Core Values:

Theological Education by Extension in Zambia (TEEZ) has developed four values namely ACTS


We believe that TEEZ exist because of the good will of our Churches, Partners and Supporters. The resources TEEZ uses are public funds and as such there is need to promote confidence in the funders, partners and supporters so that they continue to support our work.

We will endeavour to account to every financial and material supported received.


We believe in the creativity of our work and ministry to all God's people for Christian service. We also understand that TEEZ work requires creativity in order to have a greater impact of our programs. Together we can make a difference through creativity.


We bring on board our principle of being transparent in our dealings locally and internationally. By doing so, we will promote openness in what we do and instill good corporate governance in our work.


Our work is based on long term vision and impact for the future. We aim for structural changes and diversification while maintaining our identity. We use an effective integration programmatic approach of Mission, Community and Enterprise Development to increase local ownership.

Our Aims:

1.  To develop and produce relevant theological and community development course materials.

2.  To train and encourage TEEZ Tutors to fulfill the vision and mission of TEEZ.

3.  To encourage the formation of local TEEZ Study Groups and Area Coordinating Teams in Districts.

4.  To work with member Churches to fulfill the vision and mission of TEEZ.

5.  To encourage other Churches to become members of TEEZ.

6.  To carry out other Church and Community Services that will enhance the mission and/or vision of TEEZ.