How YOU can get involved?


TEEZ is a ministry of nine churches in Zambia












TEEZ is an Ecumenical Ministry of Several churches in Zambia

Join an existent TEEZ course in your area.  

You can train with TEEZ, to better serve your congregation and community through preaching, teaching, counseling, worship, and church administration.   There are currently TEEZ Tutors active in every province, though they may not be in your specific congregation.  Please Contact Us for the specific contact information for a Tutor and a Study Group in your area.
Become a TEEZ Tutor.  

If your life and ministry has been changed by the Gospel of Christ and the ministry training of TEEZ, and you would like to share that life-changing power with other, you should become a TEEZ Tutor.  As a TEEZ Tutor, you can train others with the same training you have received, and so help the Zambian Churches to make more and better disciples.  Please see the TEEZ Training Calendar for a Tutor Training in your area, and Contact Us to register for a training.


Become a Friend of TEEZ.  

“Friends of TEEZ” are men and women, who believe in the work of TEEZ, and commit  to

1) pray regularly for TEEZ and TEEZ Students,

2) promote TEEZ in their local congregations and communities,

3) encourage others to be Friends of TEEZ, and

4) financially support TEEZ.

 If you would like to financially support the ministry of TEEZ, please fill out the Friend of TEEZ form and then Contact Us so that we may arrange a convenient way to transfer the money.

We have different categories of TEEZ Partners in Ministry such as Silver, Bronze, Gold, Diamond and Platinum.
Encourage your congregation and/or Church.  

TEEZ students and Tutors are our link to local congregations and Churches.  We depend on you to encourage your churches to host TEEZ Courses, TEEZ Trainings, and to utilize TEEZ-trained members in the ministry of your congregation.  One of the best ways you can encourage your congregation is by actively serving the needs of your congregation.  Your service, whether preaching, teaching, counselling, worship, or church administration will demonstrate to other the difference that TEEZ can make.  We also depend on you to communicate the needs of TEEZ and encourage your congregation to address those needs by weekly prayers and annually participating in TEEZ Sunday.  Please see How can YOUR CONGREGATION get involved? for more information.
Pray for TEEZ.  

TEEZ covets your prayers, and believes they are effective.  Pray for our students and our tutors that their lives and their communities would be transformed by the radical forgiveness offered by Jesus, as they experience it and appreciate it more and more through TEEZ Training.  Pray for the needs of TEEZ and for God’s provision to continue the ministry.  Please Contact Us for specific prayer requests.
Become a Friend of TEEZ.  

Please consider giving financially to support the ministry of Theological Education by Extension in Zambia.  Without the generous contributions of individuals like you around the world, TEEZ cannot continue to impact men and women for the gospel here in Zambia.  We believe that our training has the benefit to create indigenous ministers and missionaries that are more equipped and numerable than international mission workers currently active in Zambia – though we gladly welcome mission workers to supplement God’s mission in Zambia.  Please Contact Us to arrange a convenient way to accomplish your donation.

We have different categories of TEEZ Partners in Ministry such as Silver, Bronze, Gold, Diamond and Platinum.
Encourage your congregation or any Christian Mission Agency or Organisation  to partner with TEEZ.  

Please inform your congregation of the incredible ministry conducted by TEEZ.  Encourage your congregation towards serious lay training, which acknowledges and equips all Christians as ministers and missionaries of the gospel.  TEEZ will gladly share our resources and experience to help you develop indigenous lay-training programs in your own contexts.  Encourage your congregation to include Theological Education by Extension in Zambia in their annual budget and support our ministry financially.  For more ideas see How can YOUR CONGREGATION get involved?