How can YOUR DENOMINATION get involved?


UCZ Elders are all TEEZ trained

Encourage Pastors and congregations to use TEEZ training.  As Church leaders, your opinions and endorsements have powerful effects among local congregations.  Please affirm the Priesthood of All Believers in a very practical way by encouraging men and women to receive TEEZ Training and pastors to utilize such people once they have been trained.  We firmly believe that this will only increase the worship and ministry of individual Christians and the congregations they make up.

Require TEEZ Training for all Church leaders.  As Paul instructed, elders and deacons should be well-versed in right doctrine, familiar with the Scriptures, able to preach, and able to lead well.  Moreover, they should be able to train faithful men and women, who will in turn be able to train others.  TEEZ is designed to accomplish all of these goals, and because of such, several TEEZ Member Churches now require members to complete all five TEEZ Basic Courses, before they are eligible for service as either an elder or a deacon.  Other TEEZ Member Churches use the Basic Preaching Course as the curriculum for all lay preachers.  Your Church might adopt one or both of those measures or consider a new options.  Such requirements emphasize to believers and leaders the importance to training for all Christians and especially for leaders, while removing the burden of curriculum-development from the already overburdened shoulders of the pastor.  Please Contact Us to talk about other creative ways you might utilize TEEZ Training and TEEZ-trained individuals in your Church.
Participate in TEEZ Sunday.  TEEZ Sunday occurs annually to celebrate congregation members, who have completed TEEZ Courses over the year, while also raising money to support and expand the ministry of Theological Education by Extension in Zambia.  On TEEZ Sunday, students’ accomplishments are recognized, TEEZ students conduct the entire worship service, and testimonies about TEEZ are shared. Furthermore, all tithes, offerings, and donations collected on TEEZ Sunday go directly to Theological Education by Extension in Zambia.  We urge all TEEZ Member Churches and their respective congregations to participate in TEEZ Sunday to encourage TEEZ Students, while also decreasing TEEZ’s dependence on foreign donors.  Please Contact Us for resources including sermon outlines and worship orders for TEEZ Sunday.
Pay TEEZ Member Church Dues.  Theological Education by Extension in Zambia is a ministry by Zambian Churches for Zambian Churches, and therefore, should be financed by Zambian Churches.  Please insure that your Church plays its part to support TEEZ by paying annual TEEZ Member Church Dues.
Become a TEEZ Member Church.  If your Church would like to increase the training opportunity available to Christians in obedience to Jesus command to “teach them everything I have commanded you,” Theological Education by Extension in Zambia is passionate about helping Churches like yours do just that.  We want to see men and women not only “saved” but also “sanctified.”  We believe that all Christians have been commissioned as Christ’s ambassadors to a hurt and broken world, and we are here to help train them to see and address the needs of their communities using the skills given by the Holy Spirit.  Please Contact Us, if you would like to become a Member Church and extend the benefits of 30 years of Theological Education by Extension in Zambia to your congregations.
Become a TEEZ Partner and include us in your mission budget.  While TEEZ is an indigenously initiated and operated ministry of 9 Zambian Churches, we depend on the generosity of Churches like yours to fund our ministry.  Please consider becoming one of our Mission Partners, by including us in your Church’s mission budget.  We long to extend the scope of your Church’s ministry by being your representatives here in Zambia and by working with you to develop a discipleship program in your context, which can raise up preachers, teachers, counsellors, worship leaders, and administrators from within your congregations.  Please Contact Us to negotiate a partnership arrangement and organize a convenient ways to exchange money and information.
Send TEEZ a mission co-worker.  Does your Church have a Young Adult Mission Service?  Consider posting one such mission co-worker with Theological Education by Extension in Zambia.  We would benefit greatly from the skills and training of the co-worker, while providing them with opportunities for contextual learning, community service, project development, and church leadership.  Persons with technology skills and/or theological training are always in high demand.
Connect TEEZ to like-minded congregations within your Church.  We love to partner internationally with congregations because everyone benefits when the Body of Christ works together.  We can connect congregations with Christians in Zambia, who face very different opportunities and challenges than those in other parts of the word.  Together we will all be mutually encouraged.
Partner in some other creative way.  Do your Theological Schools have books to share?  Would your Theological Schools be interested in a professor-swap?  Are your Theological Schools interested in offering international field work or study abroad opportunities?  Do any of your Theological Schools have scholars specializing in distance learning or e-learning?  Does your denomination have IT specialists able to aid in web-development and e-learning technologies?  Does your Church provide scholarships for international scholars?  We would love to partner with you in these or any other opportunities.  Please Contact Us to initiate our new partnership.