FAITH Empowerment Savings Project

Financing Appropriate Innovations Through Household Economic Empowerment (FAITH-Economic Empowerment Project) is a project that addresses community development, agriculture and micro-credit initiatives among the most vulnerable especially women and children.

The FAITH Economic Empowerment project will provide an opportunity to introduce Church Community Banking initiatives in the targeted districts which will enhance opportunities for household food security, incomes and improved business skills for small enterprise.

The project fits well into the Sustainable Development Goals number which are aimed at reducing poverty and improved food security.

This project addresses the gaps of financial access by poor households and vulnerable communities who are not able to access banks loans due to the harsh conditions that do not favor the poor. The poor have no collateral to access bank loans and so continue to be on the peripheral of poverty and diseases. Through this project, we will provide trainings of the village banking using the Self-Help Group approach to unleash the hidden economic potential of our targeted groups. The project will favor introduce a Micro-credit facility to the groups as a start-up capital to help them grow their business thereby improving their household incomes, food security and access for children education.

It will further support food security activities to increase household food security through horticulture and mainline agriculture activities to smallholder farmers.

The FAITH Empowerment Saving Groups has enabled many Churches start their Saving Internal Lending Cooperatives. Through FAITH, many beneficiaries of the training are now able to build houses, buy property, imrpove household incomes and others have bought motorvehicles.