ENGAGE Project A Big Milestone for TEEZ and Providence TEEZ Lodge

Expanded New Grounds and Groups’ Empowerment (ENGAGE) for Sustainable Development is an integrated project that is aimed at developing financial sustainability and empowerment for TEEZ and its constituency. The project is addressing job creation and household economic empowerment in the community using the Church and Community Service model among the most vulnerable and at-risk populations. Thus, ENGAGE Project endeavors to build the capacity of youths and women to be agents of change in their communities and address the social and economic challenges of today.

The ENGAGE project will address the plight of women and youths who are the worst affected by poverty and unemployment through access to gainful employment in the hospitality project run by Theological Education by Extension in Zambia (TEEZ) under the business enterprise of Providence Lodge.

The project will involve capacity building opportunities for the benefiting groups through workshops and trainings, internship and employment opportunities for young people pursuing hotel management training .

The women will also be capacity build and empowered with seed grants for small business to improve their household food security and incomes. All this is developed to improve the social economic status of youths and women so that they move away from handouts to sustainability.

In order to realise this vision which is enshrined in the TEEZ 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, the project addressed the major component that helped address this ENGAGE project and recorded maximum benefits and success. This was attained through the rehabilitation of the Providence TEEZ Lodge and completion of the 10 suites that remained incomplete for almost ten years.