Church Capacity Development for Missions in Zambia/Empowering Churches and Communities in Zambia

Empowering Churches and Communities for Missions in Zambia is a critical project as it addresses the human resource gap between the ordained pastors and lay people. It further addresses the faith with deeds through engaging communities. For a long time, TEEZ work has been congregational based and now is the time to provide holistic ministry as part of the theological praxis of the 21st century.

Through this project we will integrate missions and community development work of Churches in the community.

For a long time, TEEZ has concentrated on one mode of training and we have seen that from our data base, the training left out another important category of people in the Church. These are young people and women. Most of the people we have trained is males. This can be seen from the 2017-2018 where the tutors trained shows a male ratio of 71% against 29% women. While the Zambian population shows 51% women and 49% men, the women population is not properly reached.

Similarly, over 60% of the Zambian population are young people below the age of 35 years. This means therefore that the critical component of persons that are supposed to create continuity and sustainability of TEEZ work are left out.

By engaging these unreached key populations, TEEZ will strengthen its mandate at grassroot level and promote effective ministry and participation in Church and Community leadership and key decision-making positions.

TEEZ is on the right course in bridging the gaps of theological and community development trainings which will not only set missionaries in the local churches but also actors of social transformation in their communities.